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Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror will launch on October 21st!

Hello everyone!

This are great news, after a long development process with our game, we can finally say the we are going to launch "Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror" on October 21st on Steam, Desura, and other digital stores! Yay!

We actually made a very simple gameplay trailer for you to enjoy n-n

This is great for us! We are still in the submission process for the PS Vita version. The result of that one will vary on whenever we will push the date for the PSVita or not. But in any case it should be only a week or two tops for the PSVita version n-n.

Ohh we are so nervous! We've been making for a long time usually small freeware games and nothing more special than that. This time, this is the first big one for us! We are so excited and so nervous as well!

Well, we can only hope you will like it n-n.

See you later!

Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror on the PlayStation Blog

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since we wrote anything here. But here we are wirting to you about the publication of a piece of Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror news on the PlayStation blog!

You can check them out here:
US PlayStation Blog

EU PlayStation Blog

This is really cool! As far as we know it will also be published soon on the PlayStation Blog in Latin America, so we will share the link soon as well n-n.

Making this game has been a really tough challenge for us. But we are very happy that sooner or later it will be released :D. (We will release it on October, if everything goes according to plan n-n).

This is of course a specialized publication for the PS Vita. But don't worry, the game will also launch on PC/Mac/Linux as well n-n.
We will communicate more news soon, so stay in touch!


We have a new website face!

Hello everyone! We have just launched the new website face!

We usually like to change our website face from time to time. This time we decided to drop the WordPress template and structure and roll our own thing. We are using a CMS called Kirby, written in PHP. We think it's really nice. You can check it out here.

WordPress is not bad, but the thing is that it is really convoluted. And well, we only want a small simple place to showcase our work and keep you updated with new content. And we think Kirby enables us to do just that. It also enables us to extend it as we go, far easier than WordPress! I don't know, its just the style that currently we want to work on.

You can check all of the same sections we had before, but now we hope this looks even better and nicer for those who come here.

And yes I know the old posts are gone, but oh well, it was too much effort to put them again, an to be fair they are pretty old. So for now the web page goes as is!

We will keep you posted on more news in the future.

Poltergeist: We got Greenlit!

Note: This post is also on the Steam Greenlight and in the IndieDB web page of Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror.

Hello everyone!

Yes, our game finally got Green-lit! It took us about six months, but we finally made it. We believe this requires a Kirby dance!!!

<(^-^<) <(^-^)> (>^-^<) <(^-^)> (>^-^)>

Ok, well that is something we like to do when something cool happens to us. Anyway, we feel this is great news for us, we couldn’t be happier. Lately people have been saying that Greenlight approves way too many games now… and well, they may be right, the may be wrong. But nevertheless, we want to stress out that in either way, this was probably the only way for us to make it to Steam. Being just two people from Colombia, South America, you don’t have the same benefits and specially accessibility that you might get if you are from other countries. So this announcement, whenever you put it, is amazing for us.
But enough about that, we should talk more about updates of our game! We’ve been kinda silent in the last three months (maybe more? We don’t know how much exactly really :P). But lets talk about the current state of the game. So, basically:

  • All the characters for each “era” in the game are done.
  • All the powers you will use are done.
  • The same with the props (object, walls, ground, etc) and general ambiance in each level, its all done.
  • All the special characters are complete, blocking powers and whatnot.
  • The main menu and level selection screen is almost complete (still missing things like the options menu among other things.)
  • The tutorial levels are done.

This is what is missing:

  • The Sound-FX and Music are all done, but we still have to implement it in the game.
  • There are some missing thing in the game flow, specially with certain boss levels. We need to have the game flow complete!
  • We need to make a huge amount of levels, and we mean a lot.
  • Some bug fixing and cleaning up here and there.

As you can see we think we are already past the half of development, and we are kind of in the later stages of the game. We don’t think this will take us much longer :D.

We would now like to show you the first 4 tutorial levels. These can be found separately from the normal levels in the game.Whats nice about them is that we show each look and feel of each era. So, well, this will give you an idea of how much graphically has changed in comparison with the original prototype version.

Classic Era


Eighties Era


Modern Era


Office Era


We feel this is an important step, because we think the game looks much nicer and less “rushed”. And that is precisely because the original prototype was in fact done very quickly! We hope this time it looks a bit better.Well, for now this will be all, we promise that we will keep on working and have the game as good and quick as we can. We do hope these screen-shots made you feel like this is going to be a good game, with a good art style.


Poltergeist - PS Vita version!

Hello everyone!

Well it s been some time! We are deeply sorry we did not keep updating about our game. The thing is I personally am on a very complex and chaotic month for many reasons, both good and bad (and thank god the good is much more and better than the bad ^-^).

We really apologize the delay of our ‘game making shenanigans’, but we promise we’ll try to keep you posted on stuff we keep making.
Well first of all, the bad news. Our Indiegogo campaign well it flopped. Hard. We think we know the possible causes:

  • We did not make such an aggressive marketing campaign as we hoped, using all of our might for youtube and websites, we got some exposure, but maybe no the willpower enough to give money.

  • We are not a recognized group abroad, so maybe people were hesitant to ask money for something not proved. Should we release the alpha free for everyone, instead of media people? To be honest, no idea about it. We kinda feared we would burn out people by showing an incomplete prototype. And maybe not giving it out was for the best.

  • We may have asked too much money.. sorry. Now, don’t get me wrong that is about the sum we need to make it the way we want it. But maybe we could have shouldered some of it, and then ask for the rest. Either way, that is what we are making right now :P. Shoulder some of the money with loans, and the rest… we’ll get by hehe.

Of course, we were bummed because of this failure… but oh well, nothing to do about it. We are still making the game, with some loaned money, and of course a smaller scope. But no worries for us. Besides, when a door closes, another opens. Good news are coming!

We are now also making Poltergeist for PS Vita! This for us is amazing, partly because we are just two people making something for a console (woot!), but also because we are from Colombia, this is a very rare opportunity for us to be able to make something great.


We are actually in a Latin American incubator program run by Sony Playstation. Basically in June we sent an email to the initiative with little to no hope for it. Bur, well what could we lose? So we sent it anyway, with information of our project and the game prototype, as well as the videos we generated from the previews during the Indiegogo campaign.

After two months, along with our passing on Indiegogo we got a reply from Mike Foster, Account Manager for Playstation Latin America. Mike Foster wanted for us to talk to him and show him a demo of the prototype. We couldn’t travel to the US, but Mike Foster said that he was going to Bogotá next week, so we could meet him directly.

A week, later, we were demoing Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror to him. We were very scared and nervous, but fortunately, Mike liked the game and said t was a perfect fit for PS Vita. He told us after that we should start a formal company, and after that is settled, he would put us in the Incubator program.

That was so awesome! We of course agreed, and just a week ago we have just received PS Vita dev kits, so we can start porting the game for PS Vita! That was an absolute thrill for us, and brought back us the faith we lost in the Indiegogo campaign. And we kinda know PS Vita is not the most popular console right now, and also that many indie devs are developing on it right now, but we are still very thankful for this opportunity.For us this is a very special thing and we have to take advantage of it and do the best we can.

Well, we don’t know what else to say. Well, let show some more new characters then!

Here we have another special character, a Wiccan, which are basically modern witches(we know she using the old stereotypical attire, but doesn’t she look nice?).


We also have at last another era of characters! These are from the old era. The first level of poltergeist will feature these characters. And also, dogs! Super cute dogs!

We have more things to show though, we will show you in more posts in the future.

Well, that is all for now. See ya!

PS: Mike Foster actually wants to know more Latin American developers who are making awesome games! If you have something to show and want to dev wih Sony, he told me you can find some information here.

SCE Dev Incubation Program

There you can find an email that Mike Foster will read it !if you send something!